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I fought getting a hearing aid for a few years. I did not want to admit that I couldn't hear clearly. I began to watch lips as people talked to me. Finally, I was at an important meeting and could not make out words and knew I was missing information. Even people on television were mumbling no matter how much volume I gave them. I gave in to getting a hearing test and immediately after getting my hearing device it was as if everyone took diction lessons. I could hear so well. I closed my eyes as people talked to me and I could hear them. I am grateful to Jackie for being so nice to me and walking me through the necessary steps.
Agnes Reimann, on Google
I appreciate the time that is devoted to me as a patient. Hearing is a treasured sense and the people at this office realize the importance it has to each of us who are impaired.
John Wood, on Google
I have been going to this office for a number of years now. Jaque and Melissa are incredible!!!! I can not say enough good things about them. Love this office :-)
jmwawrz712, on Google
Very knowledgeable and great courteous service.
Steve O'Driscoll, on Google
Erin Hardy, on Google

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